Trevor: Growing for Change

Trevor Concentrates on Making the World Better

Trevor stares intently at a computer monitor, then taps his keyboard and adjusts the Python code on the black screen.

His fast hands can barely keep up with his thoughts. For the past six years, coding has been Trevor’s passion.

“It’s a lot of visualizing,” Trevor said. “It’s just a very problem-solving activity, and that’s my favorite part of it – solving problems. Once it works, it’s like winning a game.”

Trevor is always up for a mental challenge.

It was that brilliant brain that got Trevor in trouble back home in Oklahoma, after he figured out a teacher’s passwords to get into the gradebook.

While he was in there, he changed a few grades.


Trevor Grew at Boys Ranch

In 2019, Trevor came to Boys Ranch, where staff members have been able to guide him as he learned to use his brilliant mind to improve the world.

“I believe God blessed us when he put Trevor in Stevens Home,” said Joni Smith, one of Trevor’s houseparents. “God meant for us to meet. When Trevor first arrived, he was shy and liked to stay in his room most of the time. Gradually, we built a bond, and he has become one of the most active fellows from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed.”

At Boys Ranch, Trevor accepted every challenge offered him. As soon as he thought of something new to try, he was allowed to try it.

“It’s awesome to have everybody encourage you,” he said. “Back home, I was one kid in a 700- or 800-kid class, so it was very much standardized. Here, you can do whatever you want to do.”

A teen holds a 3D printed model of his brain.
Trevor holds a 3D printed model of his brain that he created.
A teenager runs a video camera at a football game.
Trevor concentrates as he videos a football game for the Boys Ranch High School Roughriders.

Trevor grew as he learned to play tennis and was a videographer for the Boys Ranch High School football team.

He started a chess club and took photos for the yearbook.

He competed on the high school’s computer science team that placed first at district.

He was in the National Honor Society and spent a summer teaching himself German on the side.

“Trevor wanted to get involved with as much as he could of what the Ranch offers,” Mrs. Smith said. “He has been a big helper around our home. He is an excellent listener and can give gentle advice to others in need.”

A teen dangles from a safety harness at an adventure course.
Trevor tried the adventure course with his friends and housemates.

Trevor Tried Acting and Added College Classes

The teenager grew also through theater classes. He spent two years participating with the Boys Ranch High School One Act Play. In 2021, that group advanced to regionals, with Trevor on the technical crew.

“Last year, I was the sound guy,” Trevor said. “I had one job, and that was to start and end the show and keep the timing up. We did really well. We lost to some really big productions. We were a small comedy.”

In 2022, Trevor had a lead role in the One Act Play, “Digging Up the Boys.” He was named best actor at the district competition and was in the All-Star Cast at bidistrict.

After competition season ended, graduations began. In May 2022, Trevor had two graduations: He graduated from Boys Ranch High School, and he also graduated from Amarillo College with two associate’s degrees: one in general studies and one in computer science.

A teenager wears a hat for a role in a play
Trevor played a mendacious mine foreman in the Boys Ranch High School production of "Digging Up the Boys." He earned acting honors at district and bidistrict competitions.

Moving Into the Future

After his double graduation, Trevor now plans to further his education in computer science at the University of Tulsa.

Boys Ranch, he said, has been essential to achieving his successes. Because of Boys Ranch and its donors, Trevor hasn’t been just tolerated – he feels like he has been important.

He’s another Boys Ranch alumnus who has grown and is now making a difference in the world, thanks to generous donors.

A teenager in a blue graduation cap and gown hugs an older man.
Trevor embraces one of his houseparents after baccalaureate services at Boys Ranch.
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