Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Launches ‘Brain Based Parenting’ Podcast

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Launches 'Brain Based Parenting' Podcast

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch’s podcast, Brain Based Parenting, is
dedicated to providing valuable insights, expert advice and practical
strategies to support and empower families. Hosted by Joshua Sprock, staff
development coordinator at Boys Ranch, Brain Based Parenting is a podcast
committed to helping families navigate the challenges of parenting.

Leveraging the extensive training, knowledge and experience
of Boys Ranch, Joshua’s goal is to provide expert advice and practical
strategies to empower parents and nurture thriving family relationships.
Listeners can expect a journey of growth, understanding and support, building
stronger and happier families together.

“The information shared in the podcast is a way to reinforce
learning for our staff,” said Suzanne Wright, vice president for training and
intervention at Boys Ranch.

“It is also an avenue for us to share what we have learned
with families; a way to offer hope and tools to anyone who lives with or works
with children of all ages.”

New episodes are released weekly, ensuring a consistent flow
of valuable content to help families on their parenting journey. The podcast is
available on all popular platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher,
Pandora, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and Google Podcasts, making it
easily accessible to a wide audience.

“I believe in order to be a leader in the field, we have a
responsibility to share our resources, experience and knowledge with as many
children and families as possible, as well as those trying to help them,” said
Michelle Maikoetter, chief program officer for Boys Ranch.

The inspiration behind Brain Based Parenting stems from the
recognition that parenting is one of the most demanding tasks people face,
often leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

Drawing on the wealth of training and knowledge at Boys
Ranch, the podcast extends this expertise to families worldwide, offering
support and guidance to empower parents with valuable information.

“When people find out that I work for Boys Ranch they will
often ask me for advice for either themselves or they have a friend or family
member. They have a hundred questions, and I try my best to answer their
questions, but I always feel like there is so much more I wish I could share
with them,” Joshua said.

“Over the almost 20 years that I have worked at Cal Farley’s
Boys Ranch, I have been blessed to have learned so much about parenting and
have had so much wisdom poured into me. I thought this information was too good
not to share with the world. My aim is to help families find tools to help them
through difficult times and provide them with some hope that things can and
will get better.”

Listeners can anticipate gaining new strategies to foster
healthy relationships with their children. The podcast offers a beacon of hope,
guiding parents toward brighter and more fulfilling family dynamics.

Brain Based Parenting is committed to providing help and
support to families facing challenges, ensuring they feel equipped to overcome
obstacles and thrive.

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