Susan Hetzel Celebrates 50 Years of Service at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

Susan Hetzel Celebrates 50 Years of Service at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

This year marks a significant milestone for Susan Hetzel, who is celebrating 50 years of dedicated service at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. Susan has been a cornerstone of the organization, working tirelessly in the mail room as part of the direct marketing team, which plays a crucial role in fundraising efforts of Boys Ranch.

Since joining Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch five decades ago, Susan’s contributions have been indispensable in ensuring the smooth operation of the mail room and the success of the direct marketing initiatives. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment have helped Boys Ranch secure the necessary funds to support its mission of providing a nurturing environment for at-risk youth.

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, established in 1939, is renowned for its comprehensive care programs designed to meet the needs of children and families in crisis. The organization relies heavily on fundraising efforts to maintain its services, and Susan’s role in direct marketing has been vital to these endeavors. Her work in the mail room, handling countless pieces of correspondence and ensuring timely delivery, has been instrumental in fostering donor relationships and securing ongoing support.

“For five decades, Susan has been a major contributor to our success. Her commitment to ensuring that we continue to provide heartfelt and inspiring communications to our friends and donors has been a cornerstone of our outreach efforts,” said Richard Nedelkoff, President and CEO of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. 

Over the years, Susan has witnessed numerous changes within the organization and the field of direct marketing. Despite these changes, her dedication and adaptability have remained constant.

“Susan’s contributions have been invaluable, helping us navigate countless challenges and achieve numerous successes. Her journey with us is a narrative of resilience, dedication, and compassion,” Nedelkoff said. “Throughout the years, countless colleagues have been inspired by her work ethic and continue to cherish her friendship.”

To honor Susan’s remarkable service, a special celebration was held June 12 at the organization’s Campus Support Center in Amarillo. The event will bring together colleagues, residents, and community members to acknowledge Susan’s incredible journey and her significant impact on the organization.

“As we celebrate this incredible milestone, I want to express my deepest gratitude for Susan’s enduring service,” Nedelkoff said. “Her commitment over the years exemplifies the very spirit of our organization and serves as an inspiration to us all.”

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