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In our 80-plus-year history, we’ve touched the lives of thousands of young people through our unique programs and services.

What Sets Us Apart

Uncommon in the family-service industry, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch offers professional therapeutic services in a Christ-centered atmosphere. We believe in living out the message of emotional and spiritual freedom in Christ. We honor our clients’ questions on matters of faith, but we also believe hurting people require healing space.

Boys Ranch does not seek state or federal funding for our work with families in crisis across the United States. Nevertheless, we provide our services at no cost to our clients, instead relying on the generosity of friends like you to support our work with hurting children.

We apply concepts from the Neurosequential Model developed by internationally known behavioral scientist Dr. Bruce Perry to our work with children. NM takes a historical view of relationships, experiences, and behavior to create a representation map of an individual’s brain development. This allows our caring professionals to build a highly personalized plan of service for each child.

In more than 80 years working with children and families, Boys Ranch has touched the lives of thousands of people through our services: While in our care, boys and girls live, learn and play as they heal emotional wounds.

Boys Ranch By the Numbers


Boys Ranch Uses XXX Gallons of Water Per day
Boys Ranch provides Municipal Water, Waste Water, and Disposal Services.
Learn more about what it takes to run the Boys Ranch community
Boys Ranch Serves XXX Meals Per Year
Boys Ranch Youth Rely on Us to Provide Basic Needs Like Food and Shelter.
Learn about how we go above and beyond to provide for our residents
Boys Ranch Residents Stay Healthy with Access to 24-7 Health Care
Our Clinic is Staffed with 24-7 Paramedic care
Learn more about the medical services available to our yourh
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