Helping Children for over 80 years

At Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, children and their families have found the help they need to recover from past hurts. Everything we do is intentionally designed to help a child by meeting them where they are at that moment in their life. Read on learn about our programs.

Campus Life

Creating hope and building futures

Changing a child’s environment is just the beginning of the healing process as we begin to teach children how to manage life in more positive and productive ways through a caring home life, Christ-centered programs and a therapeutic community.

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Community-Based Services

Free, in-home, support and assistance to area families

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch offers Community-Based Services (CBS) that provide free, in-home, support, and assistance to area families. These families are coping with circumstances that put children at risk of being separated from them and/or placed in out-of-home care.

CBS is designed to help families resolve the pressing issues they face and gain the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to remain together. These services work in collaboration with other community resources such as schools, mental health resources and therapists to develop a comprehensive, trauma-informed plan for family healing. 

CBS programs are provided for a set time frame and are available to families within a 100-mile radius of Amarillo, Texas. 

Please call our Intake Department
at 1-800-657-7124 for more information.

Helping change a Child's Life


be part of our success.

Boys Ranch Experiences

Creating a Framework for Adversity

At Boys Ranch, we know every child needs adventure in his or her life. It’s a key component to our programs. Through a variety of activities, children have opportunities to explore and have new experiences, take controlled, discernible risks and challenge the mind and body.


Building blocks for the future

By focusing on a child’s strengths, activities at Boys Ranch are designed to help our young people find and pursue their interests and passions. At the same time, we help the boys and girls in our care prepare for the future by learning skills they’ll need for independent life and future careers.

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