Those we serve come from many different faith backgrounds. Some have no exposure to faith in God at all. By presenting the gospel in its full integrity, with a spirit of loving patience, the hurting children at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch have room to ask their often frank, tough questions. We welcome these questions and their unique perspectives. At Boys Ranch, we know that by following Christ’s example of humility, service and unconditional love, we create the conditions to allow true emotional and spiritual healing to begin.


Cal Farley’s is interdenominational and is not affiliated with any church or religious sect.

Our youth come from a variety of religious backgrounds and beliefs and some with no background or faith experience. While many of the children in our care see God as a refuge from their difficulties, others bring hard questions about their life experiences. Cal Farley’s offers hurting children the room to ask their toughest questions and the opportunities to grow in their faith journey.

Sunday morning activities include Sunday school for younger children and chapel services, which all of our youth attend. Mid-week home devotionals reinforce what is being taught in chapel each week. While attendance is required for these activities, additional voluntary opportunities exist for religious education and service.

We use the New Living Translation Bible in our teachings.

Absolutely! The Christmas season is a special time of celebration at Cal Farley’s. But, we also recognize this time of year brings heartache for a number of our youth. Cal Farley’s caring, professional staff affords them the space to express their pain, and works to ensure they experience happier Christmases in our care.


Prayer Rides
Prayer rides offer Boys Ranch residents an intimately personal way to connect with God, often for the first time in their lives. Led by chapel staff, prayer rides take youth on a silent horseback ride in the rugged landscape surrounding Boys Ranch. Each rode culminates with a time of solitude, reflection and prayer.
Peer-Led Sunday School
One of the basic tenets of the Christian faith is sharing it with others. At Boys Ranch older youth, who embrace their faith, have the chance to lead Sunday school for their younger peers. This not only deepens their own faith, but reinforces the work Cal Farley's does every day to teach our youth to build positive relationships with those around them.
Service Opportunities
At Boys Ranch, the importance of serving others is a concept that is as much a part of emotional healing as it is a part of religious faith. Our youth are encouraged to participate in group activities that involve serving those less fortunate than themselves. In so doing, they gain a new perspective on their own suffering and learn to identify with Christ's example.
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