Talita Jackson Honored as Professional Youth Worker of the Year at TNOYS Conference

Talita Jackson Honored as Professional Youth Worker of the Year at TNOYS Conference

In a ceremony at the 41st Annual Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) Conference on Services to Youth and Families, Talita Jackson, Casework Supervisor at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, was named Professional Youth Worker of the Year. The award highlights the exceptional contributions of TNOYS member agency staff who excel in their duties and positively impact their communities.

Talita and her husband, Adrian, embarked on their journey with Boys Ranch in 1997, initially serving as house parents. Over time, Talita transitioned to the role of caseworker, a position in which she has demonstrated unwavering dedication and compassion for over two decades. Her extensive tenure at Boys Ranch has seen her navigate numerous changes within the organization and the field of residential care, always with a focus on the well-being and development of the residents.

The TNOYS conference, held annually, gathers professionals dedicated to youth services, providing a platform for education, networking, and recognition of outstanding achievements. Talita’s award underscores her relentless commitment to supporting and nurturing the youth at Boys Ranch, showcasing her as a beacon of excellence in her field.

Colleagues and community members have long admired Talita’s tireless work ethic, her ability to connect with young people, and her innovative approaches to residential care. Her influence extends beyond the immediate scope of her job, making a lasting impact on the lives she touches and setting a standard for others in the field.

As Professional Youth Worker of the Year, Talita Jackson’s story is a testament to the profound difference dedicated professionals can make in the lives of young people. Her recognition at the TNOYS conference celebrates not just her achievements but also the spirit of service and commitment that defines the best in youth services.

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