Change of Date Det for 80th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo

Change of Date Det for 80th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo

The tradition of the annual rodeo at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch continues – with a noticeable difference. The date for the rodeo will be October 12, 2024, instead of the usual Labor Day weekend. 

This will enhance the event for its 80th anniversary, alleviate heat concerns and eliminate conflicts with other Labor Day activities.

The event will also be extended to a full-day celebration, beginning at 10 a.m. with an expanded festival leading up to the annual rodeo which in addition to traditional events and riders.

“This decision was not made lightly. There were many meetings and conversations about the possibility of changing the date and how that would impact others, such as alumni, donors and staff,” said Richard Nedelkoff, President and CEO of Boys Ranch.

“It is my hope that the day of Rodeo is one of great celebration for all involved.”

The Boys Ranch Rodeo is a tradition that began in 1945 and has remained a beloved and cherished event for Boys Ranch supporters, staff, alumni and residents.

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