James and Nate

Friends for Life

James and Nate find kinship in their similarities. James and Nate have three major points of disagreement, and they discuss these topics on every possible occasion: Which of them is the better rider? Which of them …

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Kevin: This cowboy found the perfect fit at Boys Ranch

Kevin doesn’t say much. The lanky cowboy lets his loop do his talking for him. There’s a roping dummy in front of Stevens Home, where Kevin practices roping in the evenings, and when he’s not there, …

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Staff and Youth Riding Horses

Staff Spotlight: Mike Lowe

MIKE LOWE, DIRECTOR OF EQUINE RIDING & RODEO PROGRAMMING, began his time at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch as a house parent. “To me, working with the kids — it wasn’t really a job. It was more …

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Jude: I Can Do Things That I Never Thought I Could

AT 15, JUDE IS BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN MOST BOYS HIS AGE. That’s great when he’s playing on the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch football team. It’s not so good when his temper gets the best of …

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Marlie: Focused on what matters most

Pretty blue eyes, framed by strands of long blonde hair, sparkle and dance as Marlie, 9, is working on a jigsaw puzzle on a table at Veigel Home. This little ball of sweet energy keeps at it until she finds a piece that slips in place and fits. Her face does a little happy dance! As with the puzzle, Marlie’s also figuring out what does and doesn’t fit in her life.

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Boys Ranch celebrates 80 years in big style!

To honor years of tradition, innovation and success, Boys Ranch held a series of events in 2019 designed to recognize the men, women and children who have been a vital part of Boys Ranch for eight …

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