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Blessings of Supporting Boys Ranch

Blessings of Supporting Boys Ranch Written by Randall and Janet Treadwell- Donors of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch It was 21 years ago when a friend invited us to the Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo. We saw the ...
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Fresh Start Leads to Building Confidence and Character

Fresh Start Leads to Building Confidence and Character Over the course of four years, Donte has transformed from a shy 13-year-old newcomer to a confident and accomplished young man. Donte’s journey at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch ...
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Saige: Blending Tradition and New Beginnings at Boys Ranch

In the spirit of the holiday season, Saige shared her thoughts on Christmas, family traditions and the impact of her experiences at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. “I like spending the holidays with my family,” Saige said. ...
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Roy and CC during their time at Boys Ranch

Roy: A Fresh Course for His Life

In 1988, Roy was a scrawny kid with an adventurous spirit and nervous knees knocking together as he stepped onto Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch for the first time. His single mother struggled to feed her four ...
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Sebastian was able to restart his life at Boys Ranch.

Sebastian: A Fresh Start

On the sidelines of a basketball game, Sebastian watches the play intently, keeping track of statistics for the coaches and being ready to share them at a moment’s notice. He loves being the manager for boys ...
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sunset at the chapel at Boys Ranch

Sowing Seeds

The Parable of the Sower By Senior Chaplain Mike Wilhelm In spring, I’m sure many folks think of Jesus’ Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13. As you might recall, a man goes out to sow ...
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