Fresh Start Leads to Building Confidence and Character

Fresh Start Leads to Building Confidence and Character

Over the course of four years, Donte has transformed from a shy 13-year-old newcomer to a confident and accomplished young man.

Donte’s journey at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is a multifaceted one. Not only is he a high school senior, but he’s also an active participant in a range of sports, including football, wrestling, baseball and tennis. When asked about his favorite, Donte was quick to single out wrestling as the sport that holds a special place in his heart.

“Wrestling is definitely my favorite,” Donte said. “It’s the hardest sport to do in high school, so it feels pretty good when I’m good at it. And it’s the most disciplined for the body and for the mind.”

Donte’s passion for wrestling extends beyond the competition; he also values the lasting friendships he’s developed through the sport. When listing some of the friends he’s made during wrestling matches, Donte named Jaay, a teen previously featured in this publication in 2022.

As is often the case for newcomers, Donte’s initial days at Boys Ranch were marked by anxiety, uncertainty and curiosity about his new surroundings. He found himself in an unfamiliar with new rules and routines. However, what stands out most about Donte is his determination to see his arrival as an opportunity for a fresh start—a chance to become the person he aspired to be in this new environment.

Donte discovers his passion for sports, cultivating discipline for both body and mind.

A significant source of support during Donte’s early days at Boys Ranch was his older brother, who had already been a part of the Boys Ranch community before Donte arrived. Although his brother has since graduated, the strong reputation Donte’s older brother had established and the positive relationships he had formed at Boys Ranch had a ripple effect. Donte found it easier to integrate into the community thanks to the presence of a familiar last name.

Donte’s gratitude towards Boys Ranch is palpable, particularly when he mentions the Beaumont Foundation of America. This program provides children with new clothes every year, a simple yet profound gesture for those who previously had limited access to clothing.

“If I could say something to the donors, it would definitely be a big thank you for the Beaumont program,” Donte said. “Being able to buy new clothes every year is special for kids who grew up only getting clothes every five years. So, thank you for that.”

In a parting message of advice to future Boys Ranch residents, Donte encouraged them to explore and join a sport for which they have a passion. He emphasized that sports at Boys Ranch offer a sense of family and camaraderie, making it easier for newcomers to fit in and find their place in the community. “Any sport that we do out here we try and make like a family,” he said. “So, if you join a sport then you join a family.”

In addition to his dedication to sports, Donte is an active member of the Diversity Club at Boys Ranch. This club celebrates various backgrounds and cultures, and Donte spoke fondly of their participation in Amarillo’s Juneteenth parade last summer.

Donte’s story is a testament to the power of belonging, one of the core beliefs of Boys Ranch. Donte’s connection to Boys Ranch through his older brother and his stance on sports and club activities forming a family helped him to thrive in his new environment. From overcoming initial anxieties to excelling in multiple sports and clubs, he embodies the values of discipline, camaraderie, and personal growth that Boys Ranch instills in its residents. As a grateful beneficiary of Boys Ranch’s support and opportunities, Donte stands as a living testament to the positive changes this community can bring to the lives of its residents.

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