Jaay smiles beside a lake at Boys Ranch.

Jaay: Embracing Positivity

Everyone notices when Jaay comes into a room. He’s loud and enthusiastic, with an infectious grin. Jaay approaches every event in his life with emotion, whether he is playing football or learning a new skill. When ...
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Josh dreams of his future as a chef.

Josh: Spicing Up His Life

Josh is the best student cook at Boys Ranch. He dares anyone to prove him wrong. So far, no one has. Josh’s housemates beg him to make his special Mongolian beef. Or maybe his tikka masala. ...
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A brick wall has the letters BR picked out in red brick

Marcy: Forging a Path to the Sunlight

In December 2022, Boys Ranch alumna Marcy earned her master of business administration degree from Texas Tech University with a focus in healthcare administration. It was an accomplishment that took years, and Marcy made it all ...
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Sarah stands near a tree.

Sarah: Learning Patience and Compassion

Out beyond the stands at the rodeo arena, a teenager rides a horse in a circle as she prepares for the goat tying event at the rodeo. Inside the arena, more than 1,000 people are cheering ...
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Nathan in firefighting gear

Nathan: The Road to Adulthood

Nathan Hopes to Help Others as He Was Once Helped As a child, Nathan was rescued from Hurricane Harvey. Now, the senior hopes to become the kind of person who rescues others who need it. He ...
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Siblings Grant and David

Brotherly Love

Sibling Groups Stay Together and Thrive Together  David is 37 minutes older than his brother, Grant. “But I’m taller,” Grant said. “I’m 6-4, and David is 6-3.” As twins, Grant and David are always looking for ...
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