Boys Ranch Christmas Cantata Uplifts Spirits and Fosters Belonging

Boys Ranch Christmas Cantata Uplifts Spirits and Fosters Belonging The festive air at Boys Ranch was filled with music, joy and a sense of belonging as boys and girls prepared for the annual Cantata, a cherished ...
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Mercedes: From Struggle to Strength

A journey of growth, resilience and profound support is what 16-year-old Mercedes said she has found at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. She said that she came to Boys Ranch during strained relationships at home. After recognizing ...
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Seeing God’s Gift in the Everyday

By Mike Wilhelm, Senior Chaplain What does Christmas mean to you? To many, Christmas is a time of merchandise. To others, it is a time for gathering with family and friends. For those estranged from family ...
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Jonah: Embracing Love, Family and Beignets at Christmas

In the heart of the Texas Panhandle, Jonah stands as a testament to the power of the supportive environment of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. “I was struggling in school. I was rebellious against my mom and ...
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Saige: Blending Tradition and New Beginnings at Boys Ranch

In the spirit of the holiday season, Saige shared her thoughts on Christmas, family traditions and the impact of her experiences at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. “I like spending the holidays with my family,” Saige said. ...
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Honoring the Past With a Gift for the Future

A chance business transaction with Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch led Glenn Williamson to be an avid supporter of the organization. After years of giving, he is now establishing an endowment fund in honor and memory of ...
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