Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Appoints Interim President and CEO

Mary Coyne, 806.670.7440

The Board of Directors of Cal Farley’s has accepted the resignation of Dan Adams, President and CEO. Mark Strother has been appointed to serve as interim President and CEO to maintain the high standards of all Cal Farley’s programs, according to Board Chair Malcolm Shelton.

Strother joined Cal Farley’s in 2002 and is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He also serves as President of the Board of Trustees of Boys Ranch Independent School District.

“I am honored to fill this interim role and support the vital mission of Cal Farley’s as we serve the children, youth and families in our care,” Strother said, adding that the Board of Directors plans to initiate an executive search in the near future.

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch began operations in 1939 to serve at-risk children. Boys Ranch, located in the northwest Texas Panhandle, is an entire community built to surround children from across the nation with nurturing support and structure.

Cal Farley’s has established and will continue to implement three guiding approaches to its work with children and families:

  • The strengths-based approach involves identifying a child’s strengths and using those strengths as a foundation on which to rebuild a healthy, well-adjusted child.
  • The Model of Leadership and Service is based on the concept that when six areas of need are met, individuals are able to reach their fullest potential. Those six areas are safety, belonging, achievement, power, purpose and adventure. Relationships that are restorative and unconditional are key to meeting these needs.
  • Neurosequential Modeling is a process based on the work of Dr. Bruce Perry that informs all child-therapy decisions and most childcare decisions at Boys Ranch. Dr. Perry’s ChildTrauma Academy certified Boys Ranch as a Flagship Site in 2010. This year, that designation changed to NMT Phase II Certified.

With more than 80 years of caring for children and families and the generosity of many donors, Cal Farley’s is well-positioned to continue its leadership in residential childcare services.


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