Boys Ranch High School Principal Colors Beard Blue for Win

BOYS RANCH, Texas – On Oct. 6, Boys Ranch High School Principal Shawn Read colored his beard blue in celebration of the Boys Ranch football team’s win.

In September, Read told the high school students that when the football team won, he would color his beard blue. On Friday, the Boys Ranch Roughriders won a game in Booker, Texas, and Read made good on his promise this week.

“It’s hard to go out every day and continue working while the coaches say, ‘We’re just a little bit away,’” Read told the assembled athletes and students. “I’m very proud of you for that. I want you guys to know that we can’t go out and play for you, but we’re there with you.”

Read congratulated player Jayden S. for being PressPassSports Players of the Week. Read invited Jayden, Isaiah B., Rowdy B. and James S. to help with the dye job.

Boys Ranch barber Terry Miller mixed the hair color and whipped a cape around Read. She did most of the work, but head coach Aaron Wampler also helped

In addition to being a good sport, Read has been selected to represent the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals as a Region 16 Outstanding Principal of the Year. 

The award represents exemplary performance and outstanding leadership. As a Region 16 winner, Read is eligible to compete for the state title of Texas Principal of the Year.

TASSP recognizes outstanding principals and assistant principals from the 20 Education Service Centers in the state. School administrators are nominated and chosen by their peers within their regions.

Read, a 14-year principal, has headed the leadership team at Boys Ranch High School since 2017.  He graduated from Dumas High School in 1984 and earned an associate degree from Clarendon College, a bachelor’s from Texas A & M University and a master’s from West Texas A & M University.

Boys Ranch Independent School District is housed on the campus of Boys Ranch, founded by Cal Farley. For more on Boys Ranch Independent School District, go to

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