Helping Children

Rayjne: Learning that you can always start over

“Growing up, I felt like no one loved me and they all wanted to judge me because I wasn’t with my real family,” Rayjne, 16, remembered. “I felt like I didn’t get the love that they …

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President’s message

What would your life look like if every day were the same? No birthday cakes to mark another year of life, no Christmas trees or warm family gatherings. Gone, too, are the fireworks that celebrate our …

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Armando: A family icon

Armando eyed the tanned-leather boots inside their glass case. The bright blue of the shaft stood out, even 29 years after their creation. When Armando came to Boys Ranch six years ago, he learned that a …

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Emily: A tradition worth celebrating

“I’ve really always enjoyed it,” Emily said. “I enjoy the people around me, the people who care for me and give their time to us.” Emily is in a unique position to offer such an opinion …

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Seth found himself in unfamiliar waters

Seth looked down the road in front of him. It seemed to stretch off into nowhere. I’m in the middle of nowhere — another city, another state, he thought. While the long drive to Cal Farley’s …

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Jacoby: Growing in his faith to change

Jacoby stood alone outside, looking up at the stars. As a horse whinnied in the distance, Jacoby leaned against the building’s chiseled rock facade. Inside the guest apartment, his mother was getting ready for bed. Soon …

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each day is a new day to change his future.

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