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The Gift of His Life’s Work

Donor Curly Taylor shares his energy and his earnings from a lifetime of work with the children of Boys Ranch. Curly Taylor arrived at Boys Ranch with a lot of experience in life and in business. …

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Estate Planning – where to start, and why

“Because I said so.” We’ve likely all heard it or said it in response to the question “why?” But it’s not a particularly motivating reason to do something. Perhaps that’s why more than half of people …

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‘Hide and Seek’ — not a game for important documents

Estate and financial planning documents and healthcare directives are of little use if those you have authorized to make decisions on your behalf are unable to locate these important documents or gain access to your digital …

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A Tax-Free Gift with Your IRA Rollover

Are your required minimum IRA withdrawals greater than you need, or care to receive? Would you like to reduce the taxable income from your IRA? The IRA charitable rollover (also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution …

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Charlotte Breeding: Giving children a better life

“I went to the Boys Ranch Rodeo last year and enjoyed it so much,” she explained. “Those little children, clear up to the older children, even the ones who had graduated, came and ate lunch with …

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A prayer for you

The youth at Cal Farley’s know the opportunity they have to change their lives wouldn’t exist without your unwavering support. It’s one of the many things they thank God for. Recently, some of our group homes …

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each day is a new day to change his future.

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