Staff spotlight: Mike Wilhelm

A look at the men and women making a difference in children’s lives.

Mike Wilhelm

Title: Senior Chaplain
Age: 55
How long employed at Cal Farley’s: 13 years

Qualifications & experience: I had been doing youth ministry 10 years prior to coming to Boys Ranch. I have an Master of Arts (Biblical Interpretation) and am completing a PhD, but I would say the most valuable training, hands down, comes from the family farm of my childhood in rural Illinois.
Immediate family members: Wife, Lee. Two grown stepsons, Lee Bob and Quentin … and seven wonderful grandchildren.

What is the best part of your job? I get to pray with beautiful and inspiring kids, and I get to work with an amazing chapel staff — the BEST!

Describe the moment you realized how important your work/Cal Farley’s is to the children we serve: The first Sunday I ever conducted a chapel service was in 2005 as the interim chaplain. A freckle-faced sixth-grade boy came down to the front after my message to pray with me. I asked him what was on his heart. He said that no one had heard from his mom for more than 3 years, and he wanted me to pray for her safe return.

What inspired you to seek employment with Cal Farley’s? I came to Boys Ranch in 2005 to serve as the interim chaplain. I applied to stay at Boys Ranch because I fell in love with the kids, the community and the Christ-centered mission.

What would you most like our youth to remember about you? I hope they remember me as someone who showed them God’s love.

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