Christmas Cantata offers message of hope in 2019

Inside the warmth of the perfectly lit chapel at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch about 40 youth and their adult mentors treated more than 400 guests to a moving Christmas cantata. “Hope: His Name is Jesus,” powerfully reassured those in attendance there is a blessed Savior Who wants greatly to know each of His children on a personal level.

Referencing the book of Luke, the cantata creatively presented the story of a homeless man struggling with loneliness during the holidays. Despite the reminder and celebration of a Child in a manger during this special time of year, he remained skeptical and hardened by circumstances in his own life.

Yet, through a small act of kindness from a young girl who gifts the man a care package and her blessings through prayer, his life begins to change. Buried in the package the man finds a beautifully wrapped present, a Bible, that reminds him of another path. Then, in a dream, Mary; Joseph; and a small Baby, our Savior, Jesus; visit the man helping him turn to the light and restore his faith in Christ. With renewed devotion, the man finds hope and reaches out to rekindle a fractured relationship with his own son.

Beautiful artistry in the form of acting, solos, readings, dance and live music brought home an unforgettable message of love, hope and history which touched every member of the audience.

This much-anticipated annual year-end event at Boys Ranch again brought together an entire community for this special message and renewing of connections far and wide to share in the retelling of the Lord’s birth.

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Watch the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Christmas Cantata

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