Charlotte Breeding: Giving children a better life

“I went to the Boys Ranch Rodeo last year and enjoyed it so much,” she explained. “Those little children, clear up to the older children, even the ones who had graduated, came and ate lunch with us and told us their journeys through Boys Ranch. I thought, ‘Oh my, this is a wonderful place to be able to put your money.’”

Ms. Breeding was impressed by the friendliness and openness of the residents and staff.

“All the people on the ranch just treated everyone so wonderfully! The children were taught respect and manners,” she said.

This rodeo wasn’t her first; Ms. Breeding visited Boys Ranch with her grandmother when she was younger. Both enjoyed it very much, but gradually, life got in the way and Charlotte put the memory behind her.

As time went by, she found herself in Kansas and Boys Ranch once again came into view.

“Boys Ranch is in our area; we hear about it. We’ve had people from here have their children in Boys Ranch,” she explained.

Her experiences with Boys Ranch and hearing about others’ positive experiences with us prompted Ms. Breeding to begin giving to Boys Ranch a decade ago.

“If I can help someone down on this earth to have a better life, I’m willing to do that,” she said.

“What money we give to Boys Ranch gives those children a chance to grow up and have a better life for themselves. What better investment is there than our young people?”

Charlotte Breeding: Giving children a better life

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