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At Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, children and their families have found the help they need to recover from past hurts. Learn more about the young people and their families who we’ve helped.

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Morgan: A surprising reaction made all the difference

Morgan knew his grandmother was serious when she said, “I’m done.” They were painful words for the eighth-grader to hear. Morgan also knew he had been misbehaving and he’d been warned numerous times. Morgan said there …

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Hunter: On a better road now

Seeing a limited future leads this young man to Boys Ranch “I remember passing by this place many times,” said Hunter, 14. “We would come by here in the truck.” “The truck” is the 18-wheeler Hunter and …

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The littlest things can make the biggest impact

This has been one of the longest spring-break summers in history! As I was thinking about this, I saw one of my Arizona friends post their child’s back-to-school pictures on Facebook. This post, like the first …

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A Gift That Pays You Back

A difficult part in planning for retirement is knowing what you’re planning for: how much will you need? When will you need it? Given these unknowns, a deferred charitable gift annuity provides some interesting options.

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Guaranteed Payments for Life

The gift annuity is an arrangement where you make a contribution to Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch and receive, in turn, guaranteed payments for life. It’s a way to make a substantial gift even though you may need ongoing cash flow from your assets.

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Staff Spotlight: Randy Neill

Title: Homelife Manager, also serves as Boys Ranch Photography Club sponsor How long employed at Boys Ranch: 29 years Other positions you’ve held here: My wife and I originally served as houseparents for seven years. I’ve …

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