Faces of Rodeo: Elijah

Finding a place to belong at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch came for Elijah when he got involved in rodeo activities. The 2023 rodeo is his fourth, and he’s done various events such as roping, saddle bronc ...
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Faces of Rodeo: Marlie

Pushing her shy side aside for a laugh is what led Marlie, 12, to participate as a funnyman, also known as a rodeo clown, at the annual Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Rodeo. Now her second year ...
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Marlie: Focused on what matters most

Pretty blue eyes, framed by strands of long blonde hair, sparkle and dance as Marlie, 9, is working on a jigsaw puzzle on a table at Veigel Home. This little ball of sweet energy keeps at ...
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Building stronger sibling relationships

Sibling life at Cal Farley’s is as full of purpose as it is fun. With brothers or sisters who come to Cal Farley’s, often life circumstances have led one to take on a caretaker role, providing ...
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