Learning Skills

Emily: A tradition worth celebrating

“I’ve really always enjoyed it,” Emily said. “I enjoy the people around me, the people who care for me and give their time to us.” Emily is in a unique position to offer such an opinion ...
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Sean: Running with purpose

Sean looked down the path in front of him, his eyes narrowing as he steeled himself in determination. This time, I’m going to do it! He leapt ahead, arms pumping as fast as his beating heart ...
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A mix for success: West Texas Chefs Table helps future Boys Ranch culinarians

Stir in a generous spoonful of kindness, add a dash of future hopes and dreams, and you have one thoughtful group — West Texas Chefs Table. On Jun. 18, 2018, West Texas Chefs Table presented Cal ...
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Community-as-lab: Making connections for learning

Click above to watch how youth in our rocketry club are learning skills through our vocational program, Community-as-lab. In this video, three residents share what they’ve learned in the rocketry club, discussing what it’s like to ...
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