Christ-centered stories

A peace that heals

Cal Farley’s Christ-centered atmosphere is at the core of our entire program. As you can imagine, the young people we serve come from many different faith backgrounds. Still others have no exposure at all to the idea …

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Dusty: A turn for the best

“I came (to Cal Farley’s) stubborn, wanting to do my own thing,” the young man said, considering the person he was. “I thought the world revolved around me, but it didn’t.” Dustin, or Dusty as his friends …

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Kaia: Mapping out a better future

“I’m glad Cal Farley’s stepped in,” Kaia, 15, said, thinking about the shattered connections she had before coming to Cal Farley’s. “(I’ve) strived to change my relationship with my family. So, when I leave (Boys Ranch) …

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A prayer for you

The youth at Cal Farley’s know the opportunity they have to change their lives wouldn’t exist without your unwavering support. It’s one of the many things they thank God for. Recently, some of our group homes …

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Photo of Zayne

Zayne: Building a giver’s heart

“Boys Ranch has taught me to be more considerate of those around me and help those (around me),” Zayne said “That’s something I’ve really picked up on. If somebody says they need something, I’m like, ‘Hey, …

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Image of Laura

Laura: Lighting up her world

Laura, 10, stared intensely at the candles on the Boys Ranch Chapel stage. Their warm glow made her smile at being in her new Cal Farley’s home. “They light up the whole place,” she said, closing …

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With your help,

each day is a new day to change his future.

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