Boys Ranch Rodeo +adventureFEST

74th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo+adventureFEST

From its humble beginning in 1944, when about a hundred people came to watch our youth excitedly ride some donkeys and brand a few calves, the annual Boys Ranch Rodeo has grown into a spectacle that …

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Family comes first for Carter at Boys Ranch Rodeo

“Practice, practice, practice.” That’s how Carter, 10, summed up the key to overcoming his challenges in this year’s Boys Ranch Rodeo. In his second rodeo, Carter will be competing in the senior calves and junior roping …

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Isaiah enjoys the Boys Ranch Rodeo spotlight

“Having thousands of people watching me will be a wonderful experience,” Isaiah, 13, said, excited about this year’s Boys Ranch Rodeo. Isaiah has performed in three prior rodeos, and enjoyed the support from the crowd as …

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Amaya gives her best effort, in rodeo and in life

Cal Farley’s understands every child needs to experience adventure, to feel the thrill of pushing his or her boundaries and the exhilaration of trying new things. Meeting this universal need is one of our core values. …

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Kadan: Helping others do their best the biggest ‘win’ for Kadan

“ Seeing how we all work together and not compete against each other, but with each other — that’s my favorite part. With five successful rodeos under his belt and the 2016 Senior All-Around Cowboy title, …

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Shannon: ‘A better woman’

“(Cal Farley’s) helps girls out,” said Shannon, 22. “It helps them find God. It helps them become better women that they might not have had the chance to become in their home lives.” As a Cal …

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