Resident Turned Houseparent Turns Focus to Higher Education

Resident Turned Houseparent Turns Focus to Higher Education

Within the vibrant narrative of Boys Ranch history, 29-year-old Josh’s story stands out as a compelling chapter. A graduate of Boys Ranch High School in 2013, Josh’s journey has brought him full circle, returning not just as an alum but as a dedicated houseparent and mentor. After graduating as a high school senior, Josh began his time in higher education. Initially, he took his first steps into the academic world at West Texas A&M University (WT) before making a pivotal transition to Amarillo College (AC) after his freshman year.

The magnetism of media led Josh to major in mass communication and electronic media. Thanks to Josh’s enduring connection to Boys Ranch and the opportunities offered by the alumni services at Boys Ranch, he is now pursuing a second degree program through AC with the help of the Cal Farley’s Scholarship Program.

“This is actually my first semester receiving the scholarship. I had to send a letter to the scholarship committee giving them my plan for the future, my dreams and aspirations,” Josh said. “Boys Ranch already had a lot of my information like my GPA and ACT scores from when I was there, so it wasn’t as hard as it would be for a senior.”

This scholarship is not merely a financial grant, it is another stepping stone that leads Boys Ranch residents and alumni to success. Josh also mentions his unwavering connection with his fellow Boys Ranch alumni and their dedicated staff members.

Where most childhood friendships and high school companionships often fade away, Josh has nurtured these bonds with his Boys Ranch peers. “I’m still close with all of my close friends that I lived with at Boys Ranch, and the guys that I lived with. I still talk to all of those guys,” Josh said. In addition, Josh’s ties extend to his houseparents, the Millers and Ms. Thompson, forming an indispensable support network that has followed him into his adult life when and where he may need it.

The decision to return to Boys Ranch as an employee was one that Josh admitted “just felt like the right time.” His status as a Boys Ranch alumnus has proven to be a formidable asset in his role as a houseparent, mentor and employee. In his eyes, this shared background creates a powerful bridge between himself and the youth he serves in his role on campus. Josh believes that children can relate to him more effectively because they see someone who has walked in their shoes. This shared experience fosters empathy, understanding, and trust. While some may say that Josh’s life has come full circle in his return to Boys Ranch as a houseparent and mentor, they would be missing just how far he has come on his own personal journey and the impact he is making on the lives of Boys Ranch children.

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