Charlie Brown® back in business at Boy’s Ranch this Christmas

Christmas decorations are a fun part of life at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. Each year our homes’ house parents and children scurry to find the biggest and best decorations to go on the front lawn. The annual decorating competition among homes, judged by our alumni, makes for great Christmas fun!

For many years, Alan Griffin, a house parent for Fischer Home, enjoyed a friendly – but serious — competition with Eddy Stevenson, who was at the time, a house parent for Romersi 1. If one made something big, the other, naturally, came up with something twice its size, much to the delight of the homes’ children.

Sadly, Mr. Stevenson passed away in 2015. The Christmas before, he had hand-made and painted an entire life-size Schultz cast featuring all the Charlie Brown characters. It was, indeed, a showcase of holiday cheer. That year, Romersi I was declared the winner in Mr. Stevenson’s honor.

Mr. Griffin has missed his colleague and friendly rival more than words can say. So, this year, in his friend’s memory, he decided to take out, dust off and display the Schultz Christmas crew for everyone at Boys Ranch to enjoy once again.

This time, Snoopy and friends are in front of Fischer Home!

We think that would make Mr. Stevenson smile.

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