Accreditation A promise of excellence.

Accreditation A promise of excellence.

Council on Accreditation


Cal Farley’s is committed to providing industry-leading programs and services to children and families. Part of maintaining that high standard is assuring the highest level of accountability. We have partnered with the Council on Accreditation nearly 20 years ago. COA is an international, independent, nonprofit human service accrediting organization. Their mission is to partner with organizations such as Cal Farley’s to ensure children and families always receive the highest quality of care possible.(Below are some comments shared by peer reviewers during a past reaccreditation).

Caseworkers go above and beyond traditional social work, they don’t feel constrained — they can do whatever is necessary to help a kid.

Adherence to COA standards is self-imposed. Unlike licensing standards, which are mandated by law, we follow COA standards because our leadership and board of directors believe independent evaluation is healthy for our organization and beneficial to our clients.

Your supervisors have a personal integrity
which embraces quality improvement.

Re-accreditation, which occurs every 4 years, consists of a rigorous process that includes a review of our services, administration, management and governance. Year after year, Cal Farley’s continues to impress the peer reviewers that take part in this process.

Staff feel privileged to live and work here.

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