Boys Ranch fire department hosts second annual dodgeball game

Today, for the second year in a row, the young people at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch challenged the campus volunteer fire department to a game of dodgeball.

For our youth, the game was part of their normal physical education (P.E.) class, giving them the chance to play one of their favorite games. The game brought some excitement and adventure into their daily routine while providing an opportunity to build life-long memories and relationships!

For the fire department, it was an opportunity to add a bit of excitement into their training. The fire department wore their Personal Protection Equipment or PPE, which can weigh up to 75lbs. Wearing their full gear, exercises like these help improve fitness, a crucial aspect of the job.

This year, the kids won two rounds, tied two, and only lost one round. Afterwards, the kids got an up-close look at the life-saving equipment. As it turns out, this event has become an annual event for the young people of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch!

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