Frequently Asked Questions Get to know our life-changing work!

Frequently Asked Questions Get to know our life-changing work!

General questions

What is Cal Farley’s?
How much does Cal Farley’s charge for its services?
Is Cal Farley's a government-funded agency?
Where do Cal Farley's funds come from, if not the government?
Is Cal Farley’s affiliated with any religious organization or denomination?
Is Cal Farley’s accredited?
What is Cal Farley’s approach to discipline and abuse?

Boys Ranch

What is Boys Ranch?
Where is Boys Ranch located?
Who can apply to place a child with Cal Farley’s?
Who determines which boys and girls are accepted?
On what basis is a child accepted?
Are there any age limitations?
What are the living arrangements?
Do the children get to go home for vacation?
Where do the children at Boys Ranch attend school?
How many children live at Boys Ranch?
From where do the children come?
How long do children stay at Boys Ranch?
Where do the children go to church?
Who provides medical and dental care for the children?

Alumni Support

Do Cal Farley's graduates receive financial assistance after graduation?
Are Cal Farley’s scholarships only for four-year universities?
Does Cal Farley’s help alumni with housing?
What other help is available for Cal Farley’s alumni?

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