Christ-centered stories

Isaiah: Finding his way

On a brisk evening at Cal Farley’s, residents and staff gathered to share stories of hope. Among the young people present that night was Isaiah, one of 12 children to share their message in a nonverbal …

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Faith: Faith is strong

Peace. In a world filled with violence and social, religious or political turmoil, few goals are as equally noble and elusive. But, as important as the goal itself are the special people who seek to bring …

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Alex: Finding focus

“We disobeyed a lot and we didn’t follow the rules.” In her trademark rapid-fire manner, Alex, 12, summed up very simply the source of discord in her home. Early in her life, Alex didn’t think much …

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Desiree: The promise of change

From the moment she set foot on Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch campus, just six months or so ago, Desiree has had some big expectations of us — and of herself, too. “I wanted to come here,” …

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each day is a new day to change his future.

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