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Family Resource Centers

In an effort to improve services to families, Cal Farley’s operates Family Resource Centers (FRC) in Amarillo, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

The Cal Farley’s Family Resource Centers …

• provide an important bridge between children living on our campuses and their families.
• assist with in-home support to families while their child is on the waiting list for admission to a campus.
• encourage and facilitate family preservation in order to keep the child at home near family, friends and neighbors.
• provide a variety of assistance to Cal Farley’s alumni who live in the community.

Direct services to families may include case management, life-skills coaching, goal-setting, family and parenting programs, guidance regarding Cal Farley’s intake process, referrals to other agencies, and other support services.

The success of our FRCs continues to amaze us. Families with children living at our campuses have benefited from local, more personalized contact. FRC staff members have helped prevent family situations from becoming unmanageable or explosive while waiting for a child to be admitted into one of our campus programs.

Family reunification efforts often fail because of a lack of readiness on the part of the family. With that in mind, FRC staff members have taught parenting skills to parents so they can provide a more structured and supportive environment in preparation for eventual reunification with their child.

Furthermore, having an office in closer proximity to alumni provides a means of maintaining communication that may otherwise be hampered by distance.

The FRC outreach office in Dallas/Fort Worth area began operations in Arlington in June 2003; our FRC in Amarillo opened in August 2004; the FRC office in Houston opened its doors early in 2005; the Austin FRC opened in January 2008; the San Antonio FRC launched in January 2009; and the Oklahoma City FRC opened in September 2012.

FRC examples of assistance

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