President’s messages

President’s message

What would your life look like if every day were the same? No birthday cakes to mark another year of life, no Christmas trees or warm family gatherings. Gone, too, are the fireworks that celebrate our …

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Safety, a foundation for hope

Alone in a dark room, a young girl pulled out a meager handful of scraps she’d squirrelled away. It wasn’t much, just enough to sustain her one more miserable day. A thousand miles away, a boy …

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The right relationship can make all the difference

I was recently reminded of the story of a gentleman who took a morning walk along the beach. A storm had passed through the area overnight, washing thousands of starfish onto the beach. They stretched out …

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Wishing you faith, hope and love this Christmas

‘The most wonderful time of the year.’ Certainly, Christmas is a wonderful time of year! At Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, the Christmas season brings many things — our group homes brightly decorated to reflect the festivity …

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With your help,

each day is a new day to change his future.

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