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President’s Message: Loss is difficult, but part of the journey

“No!” In stunned disbelief, the boy’s legs suddenly grew weak beneath him, devastated by the loss of a man who was, at one time, the closest thing to a father figure he’d known in his 16 …

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President’s Message: Bringing the family together

For centuries, the breaking of bread has brought people together. It’s a symbol of familial commitment, a practice that’s as much about emotional sustenance as it is nourishing our bodies. Tragically, it’s also a practice our …

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President’s message: Boys Ranch, where cutting-edge science meets timeless tradition

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the past. That tends to happen when you reach a major milestone, which is exactly what Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch has done in this, our 80th year. When our founder sat down …

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President’s message: Finding grace in acceptance

The young man stood alone in a corner inside our campus headquarters building. While his family was being interviewed about his coming to Boys Ranch, this boy, all of perhaps 8 years old, chose to stand …

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President’s message: We are all a work in progress

When was the last time you read the story of Christ’s birth? As I look at the biblical account, one of the things that stands out to me is how God, in His infinite wisdom, didn’t …

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President’s message

What would your life look like if every day were the same? No birthday cakes to mark another year of life, no Christmas trees or warm family gatherings. Gone, too, are the fireworks that celebrate our …

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