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President’s Message: Weathering the Storm

What a year it has been! The confluence of so many challenges has really tested our mettle, but we haven’t lost sight of what we are here for – that is, helping young people set their …

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President’s Message: Finding the power and purpose of personal responsibility

It’s a simple idea, really. One we express a number of different ways: “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” “Take your medicine.” “Own up to it.” The concept of responsibility also gets entangled in much of …

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President’s Message: Making the most of the grand adventure — life

What an adventure! The words crossed my lips, uttered to no one in particular, as I read about the remarkable life of one of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch’s earliest residents. World war heroics, global travel, a …

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The roads we travel make us who we are!

Have you ever taken a cross-country road trip? If so, it’s likely you knew your destination at the outset. Long before you strapped on your seatbelt, you surely pulled out the atlas, sat down and explored …

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President’s Message: The importance of community

“Can I borrow a cup of sugar?” The words, so common as to become woven into American cultural discourse, somehow harken back to a more idyllic time in our nation’s history. They evoke mental images of …

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What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Looking back over a lifetime of Christmases, I’d imagine the times that stayed with you the most aren’t Christmases spent alone. Your favorite Christmases probably involved spending time with loved ones in joyous activities like laughing …

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