President’s Message: Weathering the Storm

What a year it has been!

The confluence of so many challenges has really tested our mettle, but we haven’t lost sight of what we are here for – that is, helping young people set their sights towards a better future.

This is why you have supported our efforts over the years, and it’s because of that support we have been able to work through and overcome obstacles that the past year has thrown at us!

Weathering the Storm

One key attribute that has helped Boys Ranch thrive during the past 80 years is the attitude reflecting how we can do something, rather than why we can’t do something. To follow ALL the advice received on how we should or shouldn’t handle COVID-19 at Boys Ranch, for example, would be akin to closing our doors, as there is no way to meet so many conflicting expectations. So, as we give primacy to the health and safety of our children and staff, we find creative ways to continue our mission, and provide youngsters pathways to using their God-given talents and fulfilling their dreams.

Dedicated donor Glenn Williamson, right, shown here celebrating his 80th birthday, has supported Boys Ranch through the years, giving to the FFA Barn and our Experiential Learning Programs.
Overcoming Obstacles

The residents at Boys Ranch are the heart of our mission, and I want you to meet a few of them in this issue of The Roundup. These children are shining examples of overcoming obstacles. Kierstyn finished four years of high school in three years and will be one of the graduates. Four years packed into three! Now that’s determination. Her resilience reflects the Boys Ranch spirit, and we’re proud of her accomplishments. Along the way, Kierstyn has learned work skills that she will take with her to cosmetology school. What a bright future!

Another 2021 graduate, Jazmyn – we call her “Jazz” – found her path as well through our Experiential Learning Program (ELP). Working with children in after-school daycare at the Dippel Activity Center has led Jazz toward studying psychology, possibly working with children.

Following graduation, both Kierstyn and Jazz will move into the Cal Farley’s Alumni Support Center in Amarillo as they continue their education. This is a transitional living program we opened in 2008 to help bridge the gap for Boys Ranchers moving from their teenage years into productive adulthood.

There are so many more stories about the lives of children at Boys Ranch. Enjoy the rest of this Roundup, and thank you for continuing to support our efforts as young graduates exit the Ranch, paving the way for others to come in. There’s always another storm coming – and we are fortunate to have the umbrella of our supporters to keep these children safe and dry.

Dan Adams
President and CEO
Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

Dan Adams served as Boys Ranch President and CEO from 2004-2021.
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