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Cal Farley's work and alumni are impacting our society

‘Hope is Born’ at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch

The familiar story of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, as detailed in Luke Chapter 2 and the book of Matthew, takes on special meaning each year for the boys and girls who plan, script and choreograph the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Christmas cantata. It’s an inspiring story, staged each December both by and for the hundreds…

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch ‘elves’ gather for Christmas preparation

Friends and supporters of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch understand the enormous effort that goes into caring for hundreds of children on a sprawling ranch, preparing meals, checking homework, helping with chores, providing a listening ear or shoulder to cry on — and, that’s just the daily routine! For all the bright festivities Christmas brings, this…

Boys Ranch youth to compete in Junior National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas

Residents of the Texas Panhandle likely know of the Boys Ranch Rodeo, the rodeo “where Cal Farley’s kids ride,” as the old saying goes. What they may not know is that some Boys Ranch residents also choose to compete in high school rodeo competition, testing their mettle against bucking broncs and more. A first in…

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Chapel holds men’s prayer gathering

It takes a lot of resources to care for hundreds of children, providing for today’s needs and laying the foundation for their future successes. One of the most valuable resources Cal Farley’s staff and caregivers depend on is the faithful prayers of our friends, supporters and the men and women who care for our children…

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