Youth earn heavy equipment certification

At Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, one of our goals is to help prepare the boys and girls in our care for independent life. While we have many programs that help our young people gain real-world skills and experiences needed to succeed in their futures, we also seek out opportunities that could help our boys and girls plan for future success.

Recently, three young men, Kadan, Kyeler and Jimmy (who goes by Trae), participated in the heavy-equipment certification program designed for high school students by Texas Cattle Feeders Association and Warren CAT. During the day-long program, youth become certified in the operation of small-wheel loaders and skid-steer machinery. Not only that, but students are also exposed to feed-mill operations, industry best practices and meet potential employers who conduct mock interviews during the program.

Scotty Wright, instructor of agricultural mechanics and Future Farmers of America adviser, said Trae and Kadan, both high school seniors, plan to use the certification after they leave our care. Upon graduation, Trae plans to use the certification to enter the workforce, while Kadan hopes to use the certification to help support him while he goes to college to pursue a degree in agricultural sciences.

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