Boys Ranch Junior Fire Crew learns high-angle rope rescue techniques

Recently, boys and girls from Cal Farley’s Junior Fire Crew took part in high-angle rope rescue training at the Boys Ranch adventure course. The Junior Fire Crew is part of Cal Farley’s Experiential Learning Program, which helps youth learn skills and gain certifications they can use in future careers.

During the training, our young people learned how to properly use all equipment needed for a high-angle rescue. Among the skills focused on in the training were knot tying techniques used to anchor ropes and rappel down, and how to create hauling systems that combine pulleys and ropes to extract patients with a basket that can then be lowered down or hoisted up for medical care. Practicing good communication was also a key component to this exercise to encourage teamwork and accomplish rescue goals.

Experiences like these prepare our young people with skills they’ll need in their futures. With the skills our youth learn in the Experiential Learning Program, our young people can apply for applicable jobs or enter training programs once they leave our care. ELP also teaches our youth how their experiences fit into the world around them, helping encourage social responsibility and commitment to their communities.

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