Boys Ranch Gifted and Talented class creates weight defying bridge

As weights were stacked higher and higher, the Boys Ranch community collectively held its breath as a tiny bridge made by six creative boys and girls stood steadfast, bearing the weight in effortless silence.

“Typically, the bridge will make cracking and creaking sounds as it approaches failure,” said Barre Wheatley, one of the teachers for the Gifted and Talented class at Mimi Farley Elementary. “This bridge was silent.”

This year’s fourth annual popsicle bridge building contest for the Gifted and Talented Class at Mimi Farley came together after six weeks of researching, planning and building. The incredible design that would eventually tap out at 855 pounds of weight — without ever buckling under the pressure — was the remarkable imaginings of Gwen, Faith, Remington, Emma, Casey and Noah, this year’s GT class at Mimi Farley Elementary.

“We had to stop because the stack of weights was so high it became a safety hazard for us to stack more weights,” Wheatley said. “So, my guess is the bridge could have easily held 1000 to 1100 pounds.”

Over the past four years, the record weight held by a bridge in prior GT classes was 35 pounds. This little bridge — that definitely could — was made of 233 tongue depressors and Titebond glue, weighed only 1.42 pounds and beat all prior years by a whopping 820 pounds!

“They overachieved this year!” exclaimed Wheatley, echoing the excitement felt throughout our adventurous and healing community.

While this year’s creation sets a high bar for future GT classes, it’s certainly an inspiring and achievable goal to work toward!

Photos from the bridge building contest

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