2018 Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Gauntlet Day

Whew, that was fun!

Running, crawling, jumping, throwing, pulling and – most importantly — teamwork were among the many accomplishments our youth and staff experienced today in The Gauntlet. Inspired by a course initially created by a group of boys in the same home at Boys Ranch, Cal Farley’s Adventure-Based Services Department fashioned it into an event for the whole Boys Ranch community.

And, it was a thrilling, adventurous time. Obstacles included a mud crawl, tire flipping, hurdles, wall scaling and climbing over obstacles like hay bales or gopher hills.

Carter, 10, described it as a time for when “a boy can be a boy” — and, of course, a girl can be a girl!

Like many of the experiences at Boys Ranch, positive relationship-building was a top priority that made the day memorable. Many youth participated as teams, requiring them to work with their peers or mentors in order to overcome the obstacles.

By the end, there were a lot of smiles for all that was accomplished and the fun that was had. And, there were even more smiles knowing they had crossed the finish line through their own personal drive to do so.

It was just the sort of day fond memories are made of.

Photos from Gauntlet Day

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