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Boys Ranch Junior Fire Crew learns high-angle rope rescue techniques

Recently, boys and girls from Cal Farley’s Junior Fire Crew took part in high-angle rope rescue training at the Boys Ranch adventure course. The Junior Fire Crew is part of Cal Farley’s Experiential Learning Program, which helps youth learn skills and gain certifications they can use in future careers. During the training, our young people…

Boys Ranch youth gear up for the 74th annual Boys Ranch Rodeo

Over the past few months, rodeo preparation for the 74th annual Boys Ranch Rodeo +adventureFEST has been in full swing for our young people. From chute dogging to bronc riding and goat tying to pole bending, the boys and girls we care for have been honing their skills for this exciting one-day event! Rodeo preparation…

2018 Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Gauntlet Day

Whew, that was fun! Running, crawling, jumping, throwing, pulling and – most importantly — teamwork were among the many accomplishments our youth and staff experienced today in The Gauntlet. Inspired by a course initially created by a group of boys in the same home at Boys Ranch, Cal Farley’s Adventure-Based Services Department fashioned it into…

Cal Farley’s youth participate in rough-stock clinic

In preparation for the 74th annual Boys Ranch Rodeo and other rodeo competitions, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch held a rough-stock clinic this week to help our bronc and steer riders practice and refine their technique. For many of the boys and girls at Cal Farley’s, the sport provides an opportunity for our youth to experience…

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