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Neurosequential Model

Continued support from our generous donors has helped make Cal Farley’s a leader through quality leadership, industry best practices and innovation. In recent years, we’ve begun applying concepts from the Neurosequential Model developed by Houston behavioral scientist Dr. Bruce Perry to our work with children. NM takes a historical view of a child’s relationships, experiences and behavior to create a representative map of his or her unique brain development. This allows Cal Farley’s caring professionals to build a highly personalized plan of service to meet each child’s individual needs. As our youth come to understand what their brains are craving — safety, belonging, achievement, purpose and more — they are better able to find healthy ways to fill those needs throughout their adult lives.

Read their stories

Kaia: Mapping out a better future

“I’m glad Cal Farley’s stepped in,” Kaia, 15, said, thinking about the shattered connections she had before coming to Cal Farley’s. “(I’ve) strived to change …

Mitchell: Building on his successes

“I may not dress like a cowboy, but I call myself a cowboy at heart,” explained Mitchell, 16. “I’ve been in the country most of …

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