Cal Farley’s Model of Leadership & Service At Cal Farley’s, we believe there are six areas of need that must be addressed in order to free individuals to reach their God-given potential. We nurture these qualities of life in our leaders, team members and, of course, the children and families we serve. Together, they constitute the Cal Farley’s Model of Leadership & Service.


Everyone, whether child or adult, needs to feel protected from intentional hurt or humiliation. The people we serve must feel safe in their environment before healing can begin. Once a child feels safe, he or she can focus on simply being a child and not feel burdened with the worries of the world, an adult can begin to set goals to affect positive change in his or her family.



Strong relationships between children, families and caregivers build interpersonal understanding and allow children and their parents to experience dignity, self-respect and joy. A developed sense of belonging provides the confidence to transform a frightened, unsure person into a connected, caring individual.


Working together toward common goals connects clients’ and team leaders’ unique gifts to build an individual’s confidence. It lays the foundation for a person to pursue higher dreams and overcome adversity.



We help those we serve transform the challenges they face into opportunities for growth. Their daily life experiences become teachable moments to develop personal responsibility and self-discipline as they learn from failure, face their frustrations and, ultimately, learn to make wise decisions for their lives.


Each individual was created by God for a purpose larger than themselves. As our clients develop insights into the factors that drive their emotions and behavior, they are better able to live as resilient, productive citizens who can contribute in a meaningful way to their communities.



Our daily lives were meant to be filled with moments of passion and significance! By encouraging reasonable risk, innovation and laughter, families learn to identify the balance between work and play, and can more deeply experience the excitement in daily life.


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