House parenting
House parenting

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What are the typical traits of a successful house parent couple?
Our successful house parents have unique personalities. They come from different career and financial backgrounds, are different ages and represent many walks of life. What they have in common is a positive attitude, patience, strong moral character, compassion, dedication, determination and, most importantly, a desire to help children.
Do house parents have children of their own?
House parents may bring up to two school-age dependent children with them. Usually, people who want to work with children have children of their own, but we have experienced many outstanding house parents who did not have children. Cal Farley’s encourages staff children to be an integral part of the campus community and they enjoy many of the same opportunities and benefits as resident children.
What is the schedule for a house parent?
House parents work six days on and three days off. Cal Farley’s incorporates a family model. House parents are available to residents 24 hours per day, although there is down time scheduled into most days. We are committed to making sure house parents have time off for rest and recuperation.
Why are the children placed with you?
Most of our residents come to us when their guardians (parents, grandparents or legal guardians) request our help. Typically, a crisis occurs in the family arising from a variety of family, school or legal problems that may include divorce, abandonment, drugs and alcohol, mental illness, abuse or neglect, physical illness or other family problems.
What is the profile of the children who live there?
Children are ages 5 to age 18. They must be of at least average intelligence, able to attend a public school setting and must be capable of living in an open community setting.
Do parents or families have to pay?
No. Cal Farley’s does not charge fees to families. Admission to Cal Farley’s is based entirely on need.
How many children are on your campus?
Cal Farley’s serves approximately 250 boys and girls at our Boys Ranch campus.
How long may children stay at Cal Farley’s?
Cal Farley’s has experienced success in both short-term and long-term settings. Families agree to place their child for at least one year. Many of the children who arrive on campus at a young age remain with us until graduation. The average length of stay is about 2 years, and the average length of stay for graduating seniors is approximately 4 years.
May house parents bring pets?
Yes. The campus normally allows up to two domesticated household pets per residential home. (Pets must meet certain criteria.)
Do you advise newlyweds to consider becoming house parents?
Newly married couples may need to focus on their relationship without the outside demands of instantly adding a family of 10-12 children. It is important that our house parent couples have a strong, time-tested relationship built on a strong foundation.
What kind of training do you provide?
Cal Farley’s provides an outstanding training program that enables employees to enhance their knowledge, skills and capabilities. Cal Farley’s ensures employees are appropriately trained to assume their responsibilities.
What benefits do you provide?
Cal Farley’s provides excellent salary and benefits. View a list of our benefits package here.
What are the living quarters like?
The homes are approximately 7000 square feet, with house parent apartments attached, but separate from each other. House parent apartments include 2 or 3 bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen. Appliances are furnished.
How are you funded?
Cal Farley’s is funded by the generous contributions of donors from across the United States. We do not seek state or federal funding for our life-changing work.

House parenting
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