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Educational and Athletic Achievements Recognized at Boys Ranch

Educational and Athletic Achievements Recognized at Boys Ranch

BOYS RANCH, Texas – Top scholars and athletes were recognized May 17 during an awards ceremony for Boys Ranch High School.

          Students who achieved the highest scores in each class were honored as well as athletes who lettered.

          Aliyah R. was recognized as the Female True Rider, while Bryce W. was recognized as the Male True Rider. The Female Athlete of the Year was AnnMarie C., and the Male Athlete of the Year was Jayden S.

          After the awards ceremony, high school students enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grounds.




Boys Baseball

          Most Valuable Player – JR H.

          Gold Glove Award – Wes D.

          Offensive MVP – Isaiah B.

Boys Basketball

          Most Valuable Player – Jayden S.

          Rider Hustle Award – Bryce W.

          Fighting Heart Award – Isaiah B.

          Rider Tough Award – JR H.

Girls Basketball

          Offensive Weapon Award – Braniya B.

          Diabolical Defender Award – Anna P.

          Tireless Teammate Award – Aliyah R.

          Coach’s Award – Keaira T.

Boys Cross Country

          Most Valuable Runner – Jayden P.

Girls Cross Country

          Most Valuable Runner – AnnMarie C.

          Team Leader Award – Aliyah R.

          Sportsmanship Award – Mailee L.

          Rookie of the Year – Paige E.


          Offensive MVP – Caleb T.

          Defensive MVP – Wes D.

          Move the Dirt Award – Rowdy B.

          For the Brand Award – Bryce W.

Girls Tennis

          True Grit Award – AnnMarie C.

          Rookie of the Year Award – Gabby H.

Boys Tennis

          Grand Slam/MVP – Bryce W.

          Energizer Bunny Award – Evan W.

Boys Track

          MVP Overall – Jayden S.

          MVP Distance – Jayden P.

          MVP Throws – Ethan L.

Girls Track

          Most Outstanding Runner – Aletha U.

          Most Outstanding Field – Anna P.

          Coach’s Award – Mailee L.




English/Language Arts

          DC English 4 – Riley H.

          English 1 – Tommy R.

          English 1 Honors – Keaira T.

          English 2 – Gaby L.

          English 2 Honors – Nate S.

          English 3 – Collin K.

          English 3 Honors – Mailee L.

          English 4 – Bryce W.

          Practical Writing – Laura A.

          Reading – Mihret B.

          Algebra 1 – Paige E.

          Algebra 1 Honors – Laura A.

          Algebra 2 – Joseph W.

          Algebra 2 Honors – Alexis T.

          Geometry – Isaiah B.

          Math models – Gaby L.

          Pre-calculus – Bryce W.


          Anatomy and Physiology – Anna P.

          Biology – Kaitlyn N.

          Chemistry – Cole C.

          Chemistry Honors – Isaiah B.

          Engineering Design Problems – Trevor H.

          Food Science – Mailee L.

          Health Science – Grace L.

          IPC – Laura A.

          Medical terminology – Ethan L.

          Principles of Applied Engineering – Cole C.

          Principles of Technology – Aliyah R.


Social Studies

          DC Government and Economics – Trevor H.

          Government and Economics – Aliyah R.

          Psychology/Sociology – JR H.

          U.S. History – Hazel S.

          World History – Kaitlyn N.

          World History Honors – Isaiah B.



          Advanced Culinary Arts – Anna P.

          Agricultural Mechanics – Ryan B.

          BUSIM 1 – Isaiah B.

          BUSIM 2 – Jalen M.

          Career Prep – Jazmyn M.

          Culinary Arts – Bryce W.

          DC Speech – Braniya B.

          FCCLA – Garrett N.

          Intro to Culinary Arts – Aidan B.

          LS Production – Grant B.

          Small Animal Management – Clayton A.

          Spanish 1 – Kaitlyn N.

          Spanish 2 – Trevor H.


Fine Arts

          Art 1 – Laura A.

          Art 2 – Trey T.

          Band – Kaitlyn N.

          Theater 1 – Laura A.

          Theater Production – Kaitlyn F.


A/B Honor Roll

          Laura A.

          Makhia T.

          David B.

          Grant B.

          Isaiah B.

          Kaitlyn N.

          Hazel S.

          Trevor H.

          Collin K.

          Mailee L.

          Jonathan M.

          Garrett N.

          Stephen C.

          Riley H.

          Jazmyn M.

          Aliyah R.

          Alexis T.

          Bryce W.


UIL Academics

          Laura A.

          Deginet B.

          David B.

          Grant B.

          Isaiah B.

          Gabriel H.

          Trevor H.

          Dylan J.

          Ethan L.

          Yafiel L.

          Garrett N.

          Isaac S.

          Makhia T.

          Evan W.


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