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Our donor services team is ready to assist you in devising a giving plan that meets your individual needs and provide lasting support to our resilient young people!

There are a number of giving options to help you attain your goals as you consider your long-term financial priorities. Some ways to give can even provide you with additional income. Cal Farley’s can work with you and your advisers to customize your gift to complement your circumstances so your support, be it large or small, can have the greatest possible impact. Fill out our contact form to request more information. 

Darrin Murphy, VP of Donor Engagement

Darrin Murphy

Vice President of Engagement & Major Gifts

Travis McClure

Director of Planned Giving

Felicia Kellett

Planned Giving Officer

Donor Resources and Information


Like you, Boys Ranch is adapting and changing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all adapt, new rules enacted for the 2020 tax year for charitable giving allow you to deduct cash contributions to Boys Ranch to offset up to 100% of your income.

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Leonard Daniel: A Good Work Ethic Starts at a Young Age

A lifelong businessman, Leonard Daniel knows the value of hard work, and that a good work ethic starts at a young age. He knows it takes discipline, structure and the love of Christ to be successful, and that’s something he values in Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch.

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A Gift That Pays You Back

A difficult part in planning for retirement is knowing what you’re planning for: how much will you need? When will you need it? Given these unknowns, a deferred charitable gift annuity provides some interesting options.

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Guaranteed Payments for Life

The gift annuity is an arrangement where you make a contribution to Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch and receive, in turn, guaranteed payments for life. It’s a way to make a substantial gift even though you may need ongoing cash flow from your assets.

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Estate Planning – where to start, and why

“Because I said so.” We’ve likely all heard it or said it in response to the question “why?” But it’s not a particularly motivating reason …

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‘Hide and Seek’ — not a game for important documents

Estate and financial planning documents and healthcare directives are of little use if those you have authorized to make decisions on your behalf are unable …

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