Community Engagement Center Education, help & hope for those in need. Training & support for those who serve.

Community Engagement Center Education, help & hope for those in need. Training & support for those who serve.

Cal Farley’s Community-Engagement Center helps families battling poverty by providing education and resources, while also bringing together organizations and individuals who provide those resources and serve those in need. Cal Farley’s Community-Engagement Center also provides educational, training and ‘recharging’ programs to those who serve.

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Learn more about how Cal Farley’s is making a difference in our local community and see how you can help or be helped by these life-changing programs.

Programs that help those in need

Cal Farley’s Community-Engagement Center in Amarillo, Texas, serves low-income parents who are working to obtain a GED, ESL certification, skill, trade or post-secondary education. We receive referrals from schools, businesses and the faith community.

Community-Engagement programs to serve those in need:

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Neighborhood Navigators
Neighborhood Navigators pairs adult students with community volunteers to build mentoring relationships to help the ‘neighbor’ locate and access community resources.
No Excuses University
In our No Excuses University learning lab, Cal Farley’s and our local nonprofit partners assist adults pursuing GEDs, ESL certification, skill trade or other education needs.
Glendene’s Closet
Glendene’s Closet reduces female students’ absenteeism by providing free access to feminine hygiene products in middle- and high-school bathrooms and through the CEC.
Road to Success
On the Road to Success, adult students train for and obtain a driver’s license for little or no cost. This program also assists with bus passes to and from our learning lab.
Laundry Love
Laundry Love provides free laundry pods and dryer sheets to underprivileged adult students, letting them redirect their funds to food, medical or other everyday needs.
Hear Now
Through Hear Now, hearing-impaired adults and/or their children obtain hearing aids at little or no cost to them.
Bra Fairies
Something as simple as appropriate clothing makes a real difference in people’s lives. Bra Fairies provides sports bras and other undergarments to student athletes to keep them engaged in healthy extracurricular activities.
Foster Found
In partnership with the faith community, Foster Found identifies and assists students not being raised by a parent. We work to reduce absenteeism, bullying and to lower the dropout rate for these young people.
L.E.A.D. is a no-cost six-week course in strength-recognition and servant leadership, taught by community leaders. Participants learn peacemaking skills, and how to love, encourage and affirm others.
Cal Farley’s Community Closet
Cal Farley’s Community Closet provides non-perishable food on an emergency basis. The closet comprises nine basic foods – cereal, Pop Tarts, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, beans, rice, peanut butter, jelly and crackers – and five basic hygiene items – shampoo, toilet paper, soap, deodorant and toothpaste. We also facilitate 100 Days of Diapers each year to gather diapers and wipes for teen mothers. Since a teen mother is unable to leave her child at daycare without diapers, this initiative removes a barrier that can prevent the mother from completing the education she and her child need.
Cal Farley’s Community Connect
When an adult student or their child encounters a gap in service, Cal Farley’s Community Connect bridges the gap. This email network connects those in need with community members willing to assist them with an immediate need as they complete their education.

Programs that help those who serve

An important, yet often overlooked, part of Cal Farley’s Community-Engagement work is helping combat compassion fatigue. Those who give of themselves to help others must not only train and learn new ways to help, they must take occasional moments to ‘recharge.’

Community-Engagement programs to equip those who serve our community:

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Meeting of the Minds
Meeting of the Minds provides a regular way to raise awareness about resources available throughout our community, region and state.
Coffee at Cal Farley’s
Discussing available resources is great, but bringing the people involved in providing those resources together is even better! That’s exactly what Coffee at Cal Farley’s does.
Cal Farley’s facilitates an opportunity for an internship through West Texas A&M University and Canyon Independent School District’s PRO Program. Our own PRO intern immerses him- or herself in all there is to know about community, state and national service programs. He or she then organizes the Collective Impact PRO Symposium, a summit of community leaders to share with his or her classmates what he or she has gained through the internship.
Cal Farley’s Community-Engagement Center also maintains partnerships with like-minded organizations in our community working to eradicate poverty, and its impact on children and families. We open our doors to more than a dozen area nonprofits, businesses, schools and ministries to utilize our training facility in a spirit of friendship and community.
Training opportunities
It takes a lot of training to provide the best services to those who need them! Cal Farley’s CEC provides trainings across the United States, including:

Poverty awareness

Warning signs and tools to help fight generational poverty.

Compassion fatigue/ self-care awareness

Training on recognition and free self-care activities.

War Room

Open book and Bible studies to remain Christ-centered in our work with the community.

Take-Care Tuesdays

Self-care opportunities for professionals, led by community leaders, every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Capacity Builders

Working with Texas women in leadership positions to build leadership capacity. Our L.E.A.D. retreat helps these women explore and develop servant leadership, to live intentionally, to recognize compassion fatigue and the importance of self-care.

Homeless, But Not Hopeless exposure trip

This three-day immersive poverty simulation helps community leaders increase their awareness of struggles associated with poverty, and nurtures their desire to serve in even more powerful ways!

Community Service Initiative

Cal Farley’s Community-Engagement Center broadens the reach of our local nonprofit community by serving as a clearing house, disbursing surplus hygiene products, clothing, food and other goods to social-service agencies, churches, pantries and clothes closets within our community.

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