Charitable Gift Annuities A gift of hope, without the worry

Charitable Gift Annuities A gift of hope, without the worry

Cal Farley’s popular charitable gift annuity program offers you a special way to support Cal Farley’s transformative work while enjoying generous payments to you and/or someone you designate that will continue for as long as a payment recipient lives. A gift annuity can help free you from concerns about low interest rates, the ups and downs of investment markets and the possibility of outliving your resources.

How do gift annuities work?

Step One: You make a gift of cash, stock or other appropriate property to Cal Farley’s. Step Two: Cal Farley’s promises under the terms of a simple agreement to provide fixed payments to you and/or anyone you name. Payments are backed by all of Cal Farley’s available resources. (See the chart below for examples of current payment rates at various ages.) Step Three: After the lifetime of all persons receiving payments, Cal Farley’s will use the remaining funds to support our life-changing work with children. Illustration on how gift annuities work.

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What are the advantages of a charitable gift annuity?

  • A Cal Farley’s charitable gift annuity provides you and/or your designee predictable fixed payments, part of which are received free of tax for a period of time.
  • Annuity payments are backed by all of Cal Farley’s available resources for as long as you live.
  • Your gift entitles you to a charitable tax deduction equal to the value of your eventual gift when you itemize your federal income taxes.
  • Your gift provides safety, belonging and teaches the timeless values of faith, integrity and perseverance to children from across the nation.

What options do I have?

Annuity payments can begin immediately or can be delayed to a later date. The longer the starting date, the higher the payments will be under most circumstances.

A Cal Farley’s charitable gift annuity can be paid to two people age 70 or older.

Your payments are based on the age of the persons receiving the annuity income when they begin. Your donation to fund a Cal Farley’s charitable gift annuity can be a combination of cash, stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds. A home or other real estate may also be used to fund your gift annuity where appropriate. In most cases, no capital gains tax will be due on the long-term increase in value of donated assets at the time of your gift. Capital gains tax will never be due on the gift portion of the assets while the remainder will be gradually reported over your life expectancy.

The calculations shown here are for illustration purposes only. Your benefits could vary. Please consult your financial advisor for information specific to your situation.

What role does a charitable gift annuity have in my retirement planning?

Many Cal Farley’s supporters have found gift annuities to be a source of additional income during their retirement years while eventually making a gift that will provide future support for the children of Cal Farley’s.

NOTE: Cal Farley’s charitable gift annuities may not be available in all states.

Cal Farley’s provides this information as a courtesy to our generous supporters. It is not intended to offer professional financial, accounting or tax advice. Always consult with your financial adviser before making decisions affecting your long-term financial planning.

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