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Boys Ranch, a Cal Farley's Program

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is a modern community of boys and girls who have found "a shirttail to hang onto." In a nurturing, structured environment, boys and girls from pre-school through high school live in group homes with house parents and a supportive community.

Young people from throughout the United States enjoy a variety of academic, vocational, spiritual and extra-curricular activities to help them become responsible and resilient young people.

When a family seeking help for their child arrives at Boys Ranch for the first time, the campus appears to be just like any other Texas Panhandle town. It proudly boasts a prominent chapel, medical facilities, parks, sports fields, and residences. It is a self-contained community complete with its own school district, post office, bank and government-type services such as fire and public safety.

For many of the kids who come into our care, it is the first time they have lived in a community setting and as part of a functioning family. Our professional staff strives to create an environment for the residents that allows them to be children while preparing them for adult life.

Providing a safe environment for each child and building trusting relationships to develop their individual potential is our first goal. Those relationships begin with the staff in closest contact with the boys and girls. House parent couples are the primary caregivers of the children in the home. Caseworkers also build positive relationships with the children in care. Teachers, coaches, administrators, work mentors and other staff complete the group of adults who may impact the life of a child in our care and help them become productive members of society upon graduation.

There are many ways children are able to feel safe, to make connections with peers and adults, to feel a sense of belonging and empowerment, and to find for themselves a sense of purpose. We do everything possible to understand what is happening in their lives and reinforce to them that they are valuable and worthy of our time and efforts.

Education is also an important component of the overall program, and the Boys Ranch Independent School District (BRISD) offers K-12 academic and vocational preparation, as well as extracurricular activities for the children in care.

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